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What makes a good Solicitor ?

Well it may depend on what type of practice the Solicitor has decided to base his or her career on, but on doing a little research on the net two lines of thought seemed to show themselves.

The first was “What do clients want from a solicitor ?” and the second was “What does a law firm want from a Solicitor ?” Both questions probably blend at points but the view from the client was often different from the law firm.

Client’s point of view

Here are some views from the client perspective ;

“I want to know exactly how much I will be getting and exactly how much it will cost.”

“The solicitor must know my business, know what we're trying to achieve and looks for a solution to our problems.”

“Responsive, in that they deal with issues quickly and efficiently.”

“They should spend the right amount of time on an issue and resource it correctly.”

“They don't just look at the problems in front of them but help me try and ensure that those issues don't arise in the future.

Law firm’s perspective

To understand the law firm’s perspective it’s interesting taking a look at the trainee recruitment side. This shows what existing practices are looking for in new recruits and maybe also a theological goal in their own personal subconscious.

Reading between the lines shows drive and determination play a big part. Hours of diligent study hopefully paying off, much like a Chess Grandmaster or indeed perhaps any dedicated professional in his or her field. But it is a personal view and maybe it’s best if you make up your own minds.

This is what others say ;

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